Pony Zion

Harlem, New York born and raised Devon Webster also known as Pony Zion has dedicated his life to  dance and performance. Pony’s outsized gift has grown him into a much sought after international creative director and celebrity choreographer working with global artists like Fergie, Chaka Khan, Mariah Carey, and Ashanti and renowned choreographers like Laurie Gibson.

 In 2013 Pony Zion Co produce Celebrity Balls Events for the W Hotel, and “The Life Ball“ in Vienna Austria for Grammy award winner Fergie. Pony is also deemed a House Ballroom Icon and is known for his mastery and

innovation of the art of vogue. Now known as a Performance Legend, Pony is the creator of Vogue Evolution.  The first choreographed professional LGBT dance Team built around Vogue performance known globally for its wildly successful appearance 

on season 4 of Fox’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Pony’s visionary work with marginalized communities led him to create Vogue Theory –a leadership development and HIV prevention intervention bisecting the discourses of public health, social justice, and self empowerment. Pony is presently preparing to launch an international health and fitness workshop called Vogue Fitness and continues the work of building the Iconic house of Zion which hey founded in New York City in 2007 and has since spread to São Paulo, Brasil becoming Brasil’s original and historic Ballroom house.


Vogue Theory

Vogue Theory (a home grown leadership development intervention created and led by Pony Zion that guides you through empowering journey of self discovery,  Vogue  dance and ballroom Lectures Co facilitated by Michael Roberson 





By Mastering the Art of Vogue, Legendary Vogue Icon Pony Zion has maintained inner Wellness and a consistent healthy alignment by balancing his Mind Body and spirit through Teaching Vogue Dance for the last 20 years as well as dedicating his life To community Health service since 2003. In 2007, Pony created his own youth Intervention “Vogue Theory” Workshop. A experience that uses Vogue Dance as an opportunity to motivate people to what’s next in their Lives, building confidence and self esteem .... When Pony wasn’t teaching International Master Dance Workshops promoting healthy Living, Pony was working as a Trainer For Blink Fitness, and creating Community fitness Dance Programs for local neighborhood gyms.. Now Pony Zion has fused Both the fitness world with His well known Vogue Dance Skills and infused a new Fitness wave. Vogue Fitness. A spectacular way to stay Fit and Fabulous.

House Of Zion




In 2016 as part of a Residency in São Paulo Brazil Pony Zion opened up, on the spur of the moment, a São Paolo chapter of the House of Zion by deputizing new leaders there. Although the young people in São Paolo knew of the House Ballroom community and had in fact begun learning how to vogue by watching social media youtube clips, there was at the time no house/ballroom houses in Brazil. Zion was the first one.São Paulo’s underground black queer artist community had already begun to cultivate its own creative leaders like Félix Pimenta, a dancer choreographer activist and performance artist, already a fixture and local celebrity. Flip Couto a dancer choreographer and group of artists had already begun Festa Amem a collective of lgbtqia+ black artists who used the framework of a party to create new spaces for São Paulo’s black queer culture and bodies to convene and create in a judgement free zone and to mobilize around issues of sexual freedom, gender fluidity, racism, homophobia, transphobia, health disparities, stigma and marginalization.

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